To be featured in the film:

June Heston- Widow of war hero Michael Heston and a true driver to get people on the registry. Mike and his doctors were baffled and he would out too late what he had been exposed to and why that was so so bad,. June is fearless and is leading h charge to change the way the USA is treating these have women and men. Legislation has been passed in Vermont but the country as a whole has done nothing.

The Soldiers -The men and women exposed, some sick, some very sick and what their thought are. These voices are the theme and will tie the hard reality of this problem into the human experience of the viewer

Vietnam Soldiers – Agent Orange era interviews with Vietnam vets about how that issue became exposed.

Doctors – Discuss Mike Heston’s ultimate treatment and why this type of Cancer and other obscure but lethal maladies, created unto ourselves, must be addressed and importantly covered by the US Government

DC Officials– Sen Leahy, Rep. Welch and Bernie have all supported more money into research, but the real issue is the fact that these guys are getting sicker and dying and we may not even fathers how bad this can get. All three of our VT delegation will be invited on camera. We also will interview someone at the Pentagon.

Scientists – `The true description of the compounds that become airmen in these situations that predict future health problems and why. We’ll see why NOWHERE IN AMERICA would this be allowed go on, and now, as in Agent Orange, the government is turning a blind eye and we cannot let that happen so we bring science into the picture and are able to create a true, factual explanation so we can get on with saving the lives of current soldiers too!

Families – `The true destruction of a family by something we DID TO OURSELVES. The Medical, Emotional, Financial struggles of this poor folks wrought by a practice that we must own up to.

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